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Our passion is adding life to your smile, and we’re eager to share this commitment with you at our dental clinic in Damansara Damai (Sutera Damansara).

Emphasizing a professional, yet welcoming and serene atmosphere, our clinic ensures patients feel at ease while receiving exceptional dental care.

We're located at a calm road at Sutera Damansara, where parking spaces are easy to find so you won't be stressed to come for your dental visit.

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Say hello to our friendly clinic manager who helps to set up your appointment and ensure your whole dental experience with us flows smoothly. With over 3 years of experience in the industry, you can be rest assured you're in good hands!



Graduated from the prestigious University of Malaya, Dr. Adyan is a passionate dentist with over 6 years of experience in the business of making people smile proudly.

Dr. Adyan keeps up with the latest development in dentistry by attending courses and conferences, to ensure that every patient receives the best treatment quality.

While practising a wide range of dentistry, Dr. Adyan has a special interest in orthodontics (braces, aligning teeth) and received her orthodontics certification in 2019. Since then, she has attended to hundreds of braces patients, giving them the smile they deserve.



Our soft-spoken assistant will take care of you while you receive dental treatments. As an experienced assistant, she calms patients during treatments and is always ready to help with your dental needs while assisting our dentist.

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Passionate & Experienced Dentist

No two smiles are the same. Being years in the profession, our dentist believes that everyone deserves a personalized smile that best fits their features and not just a standard, common smile.

Friendliness & Support

Our friendly dentist and staff work together as a team to give you the best dental experience even before you enter the clinic, and follows-up with you after you've achieved your dazzling smile. We're here for you all the way.


Enjoy your dental visit in a relaxed, clean and comfortable environment where you can unwind just like you're at home. No more scary dental visits.

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Types of Braces

Generally there are 5 types of braces in Malaysia:



Closeup of woman teeth with braces

The most common type of braces in Malaysia. It has coloured o-rings to tie wires to the brackets.

This type of braces have been used for a very long time, tested and tried against time and proved to work well in the right hands when aligning teeth.



Macro snapshot of white teeth and ceramic braces with colorful rubber bands on them, beautiful smile

Conventional ceramic braces has the same system as it's metal counterpart and uses coloured o-rings to tie the wires. However, instead of metal, the brackets are made of ceramic material which is transparent and appears less visible.



Teeth with braces

Self-ligating braces is an advancement of braces technology which does not need coloured rings to tie the wires. The brackets are instead built with 'gates' or 'clips' to hold the wire. This reduces friction and can make teeth movement more efficient.



Teeth with ceramic and metal braces closeup

An innovation from the metal self-ligating braces, the ceramic ones share the same system but the brackets' material are ceramic instead.

Some brands uses a combination of metal 'gates'/'clips' with ceramic brackets; and sometimes only the upper teeth uses ceramic material.


Invisalign braces

Clear aligners are different from retainers that you get after removing braces. While they may look the same, clear aligners comes in sets that are changed after a certain time period. It moves teeth according to the planned movement with each new set changed.

Braces Procedure

What is the procedure to get braces done?

How to get your braces done? While the steps to get braces done can vary by dentists and clinics, they are generally similar.

At AD Smile Dental, there are 3 main step to get your braces:

Dentists hold dental models used for dental care consultations, dental clinics, dental and oral treatments and treatments, patients undergo dental care consultations. Dental concept.



During this appointment, our dentist will get to know your concerns and examine you thoroughly to assess your dental problems. We will:

  • Give personalized consultation
  • Conduct dental charting & examination
  • Perform Scaling & polishing
  • Take Impression (Mould of your teeth)
  • Take photographs for dental records
  • Give x-ray letter
Female Dentist Looking At Dental Xray



You can take x-ray images at our referred dental centre without any charges by presenting the x-ray letter that was given to you. The x-ray images will then be sent to us directly so you do not need to do anything other that be present there and show your teeth.



 Dentist Consulting with Patient
Dentist Installing Braces on Patient's Teeth

The most exciting part!

After our dentist has curated a personalized treatment plan for you, it will be presented for you to have a clearer view of your braces journey i.e. how long you will have to wear braces, do you need to take out teeth for braces, how you will look after braces, etc.

Once you're clear on everything and agree to start your braces journey, we can start installing braces on your teeth! (depending on the treatment plan - some plan will require other treatments before braces such as extraction, filling, etc.).

We look forward to have you in our braces club!

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